Manchester Metropolitan University style guide

As part of the new requirement for University websites to be fully responsive, I was asked to create a style guide that would cover most of the day-to-day requirements for new pages that would be created in the University’s Content Management System, Terminal 4. I have built a series of PHP modules and SCSS templates that compile together to create a single CSS file that can be updated in the CMS as new ideas are incorporated or bugs found and fixed. There are also documented and tested CMS modules that will quickly create many of the standard pages that University websites need, e.g. Staff listings or lists of news and events.

The style guide also allows users to quickly mock up pages and talk to clients about how their content will be presented using the content management system.

Currently the style guide is not available publically, but many sites that have been launched in the last few months by the University are using the code it generates.

Technology Used

HTML, CSS (SASS and BEM), jQuery, PHP, ghostlab ยท Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Visit the site

The Hollings site has been created using style guide modules